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Congregations sometimes have distorted impressions of their roles in the life of the church and ministry. Church Health Solutions offers leadership training to equip and strengthen leaders to equip the brethren.


For pastors and their families disrupted by destructive church conflict, Church Health Solutions offers coaching and counseling.


For churches in destructive conflict, Church Health Solutions can help with a path to transformational reflection and renewal, or mediation and arbitration.

The ministry of Dr. Don Hicks and Church Health Solutions came to my aid on a moment’s notice. One phone call produced an amicable separation agreement between the church and me, counseling sessions for us – my wife and I – that allowed us to adequately process what had happened to us, and ongoing personal contact that assured us we were not alone in our trials. Don and his team stood with us and for us through one of the darkest periods of our life and ministry. Church Health Solutions also assisted the church I was leaving by securing pulpit supply and a transitional pastor to assist them in the recovery process. God used this ministry to bring hope and renewal to our despairing hearts..

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Counseling and the Journey of Abraham

The story of Abram and his migration from his ancestral home is a familiar one to many of us. Imagine the legacy and the model one can bequeath by following Abraham's example: Here is one such journey.

Church Discipline: A Misunderstood Responsibility of the Church

Mentioning "church discipline" in most Baptist churches is among the quickest ways to clear a room, or start an argument. However, biblical church discipline is never conducted from anger, revenge, or malcontent--it is intended to reflect the mature love of the...

Why Pastors Leave

There are a number of diverse reasons pastors either leave their church, or in many cases, completely abandon the pastorate. Dr. Hicks has identified some of the contributing factors in this article. Christian Counseling Connection

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